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Rev. Kim Mitchel began her call as a Director of Christian Education in a large Presbyterian church in Maryland. After serving for 8 years in that position, God called her to Wesley Seminary in Washington DC; she graduated in 2015.


Rev. Mitchel initially came to Alabama to serve as the pastor of New Market Presbyterian Church. She previously served in the Washington DC area working with churches in Congregational transformation, evangelism and missional outreach.


Her passions include teaching, music, drama, exploration of the natural world, cooking and searching for Jesus in obscure places.

Big Cove Presbyterian Church was proud to have Rev. Mitchel join us in January 2018

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Copy of BCPC at Mary Poppins supporting youth performance

Big Cove members attending a performance by one of our youth. We are a church family that believes in supporting our members in all parts of their lives when possible.


Who is Big Cove?

Big Cove Presbyterian Church (USA) seeks to be a warm and welcoming community that invites you to "come just as you are" to learn what it means to follow Jesus with your life. We are a community of just about 100 people - small enough to get to know one another, yet large enough to engage in small groups (inside the walls) and outreach and mission (outside the walls).

Big Cove Presbyterian Church is called by God to: provide family to all, meet people where they are on their faith journey, train leaders, create disciples, and share the love of God wherever we go.

Big Cove Presbyterian Church values being an intimate, welcoming, and caring family of faith who worships God with all its soul and shines His light into the world.

Worship Services

Big Cove has two worship services each Sunday.

The 10am Worship Service is a blended service. It has a casual atmosphere with traditional elements. The music is offered by an acoustic band with piano, acoustic guitar, and a Cajun drum. There are snack and coffee options before the service. In this service subtitles are provided for lyrics to songs, scriptures, and other readings. Communion is offered once a month usually on the first Sunday of the month.

The 6pm Worship Service is a recorded version of the 10am service. It can be viewed on Facebook or on YouTube.

Big Cove tries to offer to God dynamic worship that is designed to engage your mind, stimulate your heart, and challenge you to discover how God is calling you to live your life.

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