Big Cove Outreach

Big Cove changes our direct outreach programs periodically to suit the needs we see in the community around us. For example, we continue to collect food and clothing donations for the C.A.R.E. Center in New Hope. We do, however, have higher focus donation periods such as just before holiday and summer breaks for students and most recently the COVID-19 unscheduled break from school. 

We have recently established a partnership with an apartment complex in the area to have times of fellowship with the residents and to also help in the establishment of a library for the residents there. 

This winter hygiene bags were made and stocked with various items to distribute to a group of 5th graders at a local school when they have their class regarding puberty.

In 2019, we partnered with Huntsville Pregnancy Center to assist in meeting the needs of soon-to-be mothers in the community, many of whom were about to become single parents. 

Big Cove has a number of mission partners. Learn more about them here!