Big Cove Outreach

Big Cove values our relationships with our community partnerships. However, we change our direct outreach programs periodically to suit the needs we see in the community around us. For example, during this last Christmas, we collected toys for the parents to shop for at the CARE center Christmas shop. Prescreened individuals were able to shop for toys for their children for Christmas with a set dollar amount. Big Cove manned the shop and contributed toys.  


Every Year Big Cove collects and makes over 50 scarves, hats and gloves to give to the Downtown Rescue mission for the homeless population. This winter is a very cold one, so these types of drives are so important.


For several years Big Cove has been encouraging the doctors and nurses at Huntsville Hospital and Crestwood in the form of goodie bags. These bags are filled with yummy treats to eat, protein bars and mints for the hospital workers who are exhausted. Some of the recipients had tears when given these treats- they were remembered and appreciated.  


Big Cove has made hygiene bags that were stocked with various items to distribute to a group of 5th graders at a local school when they have their class regarding puberty. 


Big Cove has a number of mission partners. Learn more about them below! 

Mission, Outreach, and Evangelism

The BCPC community supports a variety of local, and international service and evangelism projects. There is an outreach mission team that meets monthly to discuss God’s call on Big Cove to the community. Mission and Outreach Ministry Team special events will be listed on the Events Page. Be sure to check it out!

Our Mission Partners

Care Center, New Hope AL
In the year 2000, four area churches (Cove United Methodist, Rivertree Church, Big Cove Presbyterian, and St. Columbia Episcopal) put their denominations aside and came together to start The CARE Center after recognizing the unmet needs of our under-resourced neighbors in southeastern Madison County. Initially, the mission provided emergency food, toiletries, baby products, school supplies and financial assistance (serving 60 families / month on average).  By 2005, the CARE Center Executive Board and volunteers realized the importance of community development to help neighbors become self-sufficient and began to design opportunities for higher education.
Today, because of God’s grace, The CARE Center has grown significantly, impacting the lives of so many of their neighbors. Volunteers and staff are dedicated to walking through crisis with the families, while offering hope and opportunity to their neighbors regularly.  They are currently partnered with over 1000 students and families.


Presbyterian Home for Children
The Presbyterian home for children is a faith-based Christian organization which strives to serve like Jesus. They meet their clients where they are and treat them with respect. They focus on our clients’ strengths rather than their problems. And They encourage their clients to focus on their future rather than their past. When they do this well, they help children and families find hope and know the love of God.


Their philosophy of care is family centered, strength focused and goal driven. They incorporate these same values in their hiring, training, supervision, evaluation and business practices.

The Vine Counseling Center

The Vine is an ecumenical counseling center that promotes emotional healing with the love and grace of Christ for individuals, couples, families and congregations.


  • INDIVIDUALS find relief from emotional distress, depression, anxiety, insecurities, and spiritual stagnation.

  • COUPLES find the resources needed to save and repair their broken relationships

  • FAMILIES are reconciled and learn to resolve conflict and to live emotionally healthy.

  • CONGREGATIONS – The Vine, as a specialized ministry of The Church, is supported by 20 different area congregations, bringing healing to members of the Body of Christ, thus empowering those who heal to greater service in their local congregations.


The Vine’s expertise is pastoral counseling and marriage and family therapy. Pastoral counseling is provided by a professional who is both psychologically and theologically trained.  Pastoral counseling is:

  • A unique form of counseling which uses spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth.

  • A specialized ministry of the church, providing professional counseling that is sensitive to a person’s religious beliefs and traditions.


The Vine's professional staff addresses issues of depression, anxiety, stress management, persistent guilt, how to live a normal life after surviving physical, verbal or sexual abuse, spiritual crisis, life adjustments, career changes, grief, thriving after a dysfunctional childhood, spiritual growth, healing wounds, overcoming bad habits, recovery from addictions, lack of intimacy with God, facing idolatry, disability, job loss.