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The Session at Big Cove is currently composed of nine elders. Elders serve three-year terms and elections are staggered to elect three elders each year to allow continuity in the governing body of the church. The current pastor of the church, Reverend Kim Mitchel, serves as the moderator and the session also has a Clerk of Session who is responsible for maintaining the minutes from all meetings.

Meet Our Session

Copy of Sally Troy.png
Elder Sally Troy

 Chair of Finance MInistry Team

Copy of Fulton Hamilton
Elder Fulton Hamilton

Chair Executive committee and President of Trustees

Copy of Bruce Harvey.png
Elder Bruce Harvey

Chair Personnel and Facilities Ministry Teams


Big Cove has a Board of Deacons to provide congregational care. The Board of Deacons assists the pastor with the provision of pastoral care to the sick, home-bound, and those who need additional care, guidance, company, and prayer. The Board of Deacons currently has five deacons. Each deacon serves a two-year term, and elections are staggered to allow continuity.

Meet Our Deacons

Copy of Joani Kerr.png
Joani Kerr

Deacon Joani Kerr joined the Big Cove Diaconate in 2022.

Copy of Rita Strain.jpg
Rita Strain

Deacon Rita Strain joined the Diaconate in 2023.

Melinda Harvey

Deacon Diane Puckett joined the Diaconate in 2024.

Copy of don Copeland.jpg
Don Copeland

Don Copeland joined the Diaconate in 2023

Diane 1.jpg
Diane Puckett

Deacon Diane Puckett joined the Diaconate in 2024.

Our Staff

Copy of Kim Mitchel.jpg
Pastor Kim Mitchel

Pastor Kim Mitchel joined Big Cove in 2018. She has brought new energy into the church, provides guidance to the session, and has promoted the spirit of community both within and around the church. Learn more about Pastor Kim and the church on the About Us page.

Copy of Latham Woodling
Lätham Woodling

Lätham Woodling is our IT Administrator as well as our video editor.

Copy of Mary Hooper
Mary Hooper

Big Cove has one part-time administrative assistant, Mary Hooper. 

Copy of Bruce Harvey.png
Bruce Harvey

Bruce Harvey currently serves as Big Cove's Facilities Manager.

Our Worship Service Team

The Band

Copy of Ralph Mitchel Easter Sunrise_edited.jpg
Ralph Mitchel

Ralph Mitchel is one of the musicians for the "casual folk style band" at our service. He plays guitar and banjo and also sings. He uses his gifts weekly for the online service as well, playing the introductory music and the closing music. Ralph is also Pastor Mitchel's husband.  

Copy of Art Woodling_edited.png
Arthur Woodling Jr.

Art Woodling plays bass for our "casual folk style band"

Copy of Sarah Ruff.jpg
Sarah Ruff

Sarah Ruff serves as the church pianist / keyboard player. She comes to us from Oakwood University where she serves as a professor of music. Her skill set includes many instruments and she has a special love for the violin. 

Copy of Jimmy Jones band
Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones is the percussionist for the "casual folk style band". In addition to providing music for our services, Jimmy is also associated with many local musicians and has provided entertainment during fellowship activities as well.

The Tech Guys

Copy of arnie puckett.jpeg
Arnie Puckett

Arnie Puckett creates our worship service presentation.

Copy of Garry favor_edited.png
Garry Favor

Garry Favor is responsible for recording all of our worship services and special events.

Copy of Wayne Mahan
Wayne Mahan

Wayne Mahan creates the presentation for our Weekly Virtual Service as well as the slides for our worship service video.

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