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Big Cove Church is a tale of two buildings, two worship services, and one Body of Christ. Formerly a Cumberland congregation, Big Cove Church voted to join the northern Presbyterian Church in 1906. This vote caused a split in the congregation which explains the other Big Cove Church (Cumberland) on Highway 431. 

Our facilities are right off Highway 431 in the Big Cove/Owens Cross Roads area, two miles north of Hampton Cove. For over one hundred years, we were the "little white church on the hill," behind the pine trees, a block or two off the highway and fairly out of sight. Today, our new two-story brick building is visible to anyone traveling Highway 431 and open to everyone.

Throughout our 107 years of ministry, several special ministers have come and gone. Rev. Washio Ishii served the longest tenure as Big Cove's pastor, serving from 1963 until 1989. He was followed by Rev. Rosemary McMahan who served 2002-2015. Rev. Houston Hodges joined Big Cove as Parish Associate in 2006 and served in that capacity until 2017. Revs. McMahan and Hodges were followed by Rev. Kim Mitchel who has served as pastor since 2018.

Big Cove Presbyterian Church is thankful to be a part of the North Alabama Presbytery. Our goal is to be a church that can assist others in the transformations that we have undergone and are still continuing to undergo. We are a family here, and we want to continue to grow both spiritually and numerically as we continue to serve Christ in the Cove and beyond.

White Church - 3
White Church - 4
Front View - 2
Church drawing
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